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About us

We have searched thousands of internet sites and physical brick and mortar companies and invested numerous hours and of time and resources into determining which ones are the best... and sadly which ones are complete scams.  Each site/ company goes through a in depth vetting process.  This process starts with checking online forums and databases for user complaints then moves on to looking at the sites analytics.  Lastly we personally test the sites to ensure that they do actually pay.  Companies that do not pay when they are supposed to are considered to be scams.  These companies do not know that we are investigating them.  If a company is paying and they stop paying they are removed from the list of good companies.  We do not allow companies to pay to be placed on our lists, we would view that as a conflict of interest.  Our goal is to bring you a collection of the best free resources available online for making some cash.

Verified sites are those that have been verified and are paying.  These sites have went through our vetting process and have made the cut to be listed.  The crypto links work the same way, they are verified and working.  

Crypto sites are vetted more in depth than any other sites, not only are they vetted but we look at their long term longevity and market potential.  We are not willing to list coins/ cryptos that we think are dead projects or coins that we feel do not have stable and profitable future.

Scam sites are the scum of the net.  These sites are complete rip offs.  If you own a scam site you should be ashamed of your self, I know everyone else is.

The verified sites page and crypto page contain the info that most people are looking for.  The crypto store is be added for convenience and to make it easier for people to get involved with crypto.

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